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Day Care

Here at the Mutz Hut we run a day care service for your dogs on weekdays from 8am until 6pm. You can leave your dogs in a friendly, safe environment while you’re occupied during the day. Dogs can run and play, making new friends and socialising with other dogs in our care with plenty to keep them active.


We have a separate area where your dog can take it easy and rest if they need a break. We have an outdoor courtyard area in use every day and a large open space at the back of the building where dogs can let off some steam if the weather conditions are good. We have plenty of toys to keep your dogs busy and even sofas around the building for your dogs to put their feet up after a challenging game of tug of war!


Registering Your Dog


It is important to note that to register for Day Care your dog must be up to date with annual boosters including Kennel Cough vaccinations and have completed an assessment session. 

The Assessment

Assessments are carried out by appointment only.

We like to meet you dogs before we take them into to our care not only to discuss relevant details of care but also to verify vaccination records at this point. We will then ask you to leave your dog with us for an hour or so. This enables us to see how your dog reacts to us and other dogs when you are not present.

Please make an enquiry to set up an assessment.


Our Sessions

We offer 4 basic daily sessions;

Short Stay   anything up to 3 hours

Morning       9am till 1pm

Afternoon    1pm till 5pm

Full Day       any stay more than 4 hrs                      within our normal hours

Our normal hours on weekdays are 8am – 6pm but earlier starts or later collections can be prearranged if needed at an extra cost.

Savings can be made with block booking, we offer a reduced price with advanced bookings of multiple days – please don’t hesitate to ask us about block booking offers. We also offer discounts for more than one dog from the same home.

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